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Welcome to VMA, one of the leading and most experienced organization in the marble idols and statues industry. We are one of the most professionally managed organizations engaged in the production of a wide range of marble articles and decorative that is crafted from one of the finest form of marble.

We are in the business since two decades but we are not new to the industry. Our forefathers were one of the finest sculptors of their time and were able to carve anything in any type of stone, so we have all the qualities that a sculptor should inherent in it to become a good craftsman. As we have sculpturing in our blood, we understand, feel the emotions of the stone when a sculptor carves them into shapes. We work more with emotions rather than professionalism because what we believe that we can understand the customer's feeling about the product by emotions not with professionalism.

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We are offering a unique range of handcrafted marble art, we believe, picture speaks a thousand words. If we believe in god, we believe in miracles. These sculptures are a proof of existence of magic and bestowment of miracles upon mankind.

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